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Conservative Energy Systems began operations as a licensed contractor in 1981 and incorporated in 1985. The founder was Jim Combs Sr. He was followed into the business in 1982 by Jim Combs Jr. and by John Combs in 1985. It remains a family business to this day.

We served as the licensed contractor for numerous solar marketing companies during the tax credit-driven solar boom of the early 1980’s. We installed literally thousands of solar systems of various designs during those years. When virtually all of these companies went out of business with the elimination of the tax credits, we assumed the maintenance and repair of their systems. As a result of these decades of hands-on experience we are unmatched in our knowledge of the solar water heating field. In fact, SRP selected us and our system for installation at 25 Habitat for Humanity homes in Guadalupe, AZ. This is a partnership that we are particularly proud of, along with our selection by APS to do commercial demonstration projects at Honeywell and installations for the Bureau of Reclamation at the Lake Pleasant Education Center.

We bring this knowledge along with a family pride to work for you. We know which systems are the best and which are the most appropriate for each application. And since we buy in large enough quantities we are able to pass along our cost savings to you.

The bottom line is that we bring you a combination of the best products available, with excellent prices, installed by the most knowledgeable people in the business, from the most reliable company in the business. It’s really a combination that can’t be beat.


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