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Solar water heating is indisputably the most cost-effective method of reducing your normal household energy use. It will reduce 80% of your yearly gas bill or about 25% of your yearly electric bill depending of course on how you heat your hot water. In the case of electric it will typically save between $300 to $400 per year. It will also typically pay for itself well within its warranty period. As energy costs increase so will your savings.

As we mentioned earlier, there is not just one solar water heating system that is right for every situation or for that matter each person's preference or comfort level. This is another area where our experience and integrity works for you. We can guide you to the most appropriate system for your family.


This is an "active" closed loop system which circulates nontoxic antifreeze through the solar panel and back down through 3/4" copper tubing which is wrapped around the solar water tank. There is a heat exchange between the heated antifreeze in the copper tubing and the water inside the tank. (The heat exchange occurs beneath the outer skin of the tank and an R-16 polyurethane insulation blanket.) This system combines the simplicity of a single pump and the antifreeze protection against overheating or freezing with the safety of a double wall heat exchanger. It comes in different size systems, all approved for various rebates and tax credits.


This is a "passive" system called an Integral Collector Storage, or ICS system. It both stores water and heats it at the same time. This heated water is pushed into a standard electric or gas heater by your normal household water pressure when you draw hot water. Since it is putting hot water into your gas or electric water heater, the gas burner or electric heating element does not have to fire up, thus saving you energy use. It requires no pump or control. While it has the advantage of no moving parts, it does produce a lesser volume of hot water than an active system. CopperHeart Specifications (PDF, 1.73MB)

Both of the above systems have solar panels with copper water ways in an extruded anodized box with a low iron tempered glass covering for maximum heating performance. Compare them to open plastic panels which have significantly lower performance and life expectancy.

We also have access to other types of systems such as thermosiphon, drainback, and external heat exchange systems, but we feel that at this time the above systems in various configurations will cover most, if not all, needs. However, being from the school of thought that the customer's wishes come first, we can install these other types of systems, and you can be assured of the best installation possible.

Empire Series Specifications (PDF, 1.57MB)
Temperature Controller Specifications (PDF, 1.46MB)
Heat Exchanger and Tank Specifications (PDF, 1.41MB)


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